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Assessment Test

An Assessment test is an assessment used to determine a candidate's cognitive ability or personality.

Aptitute Test

An aptitude test is a way for employers to assess a candidate's abilities through a variety of dif

Potential Assessment

Specific tests vary, but generally, a sales potential test is a type of job knowledge

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IMPARTING Career Development and JoB Skills Training to students and Working professionals with skills Employers look for…

Confused About Your Career Path?

We offer an effective range of Individual Career Advisory Program and In-house Employability skills workshops and programmes.

Take our Psychometric Test and know yourself better.Our psychometric assessments give individuals powerful insights into the type of field, work and profile that is right for them.
Get powerful Insights into the field,work and profile that suits you.Our career guidance services facilitate your career decision-making. We provide individuals with the right skills and knowledge to enter various employment sectors and continue with their professional development.
Talk to our Industry Experts and learn the ways and means to qualify for a suitable career opportunity.Our career counselling services facilitate effective career selection & decision making. Our panel of industry experts provide valuable & relevant guidance.
We help individuals develop a better understanding of their abilities and personality, so that a suitable career is chalked out.We further strive to enable students, fresh graduates & entry-level professionals make the most of their success, by helping them network effectively and aiding them in accessing the most relevant resources and career information.


Know yourself by using Career Assessments which gives you a holistic view of your profile using research based scientific approach and use your strengths in making the right Career Decision Play to your strengths using Career Assessments, career tools for making key decisions about your job search and professional growth.

Leadership Assessment

Identify and analyze leadership potential. Maybe it's a politician, a famous businessperson, or a religious figure. Or maybe it's someone you know personally – like your boss, a teacher, or a friend. You can find people in leadership roles almost everywhere you look.

Learning Agility Assessment

Identify and develop your high potentials :-
- Implement a Identification Process
- Build a Personal Development Plan
- Challenge Them
- Establish a High Potential Program

Managerial Potential Assessment

This test will help in profiling an employee’s behavioral skills and judge his/her on managerial competencies. Broadly, this test focuses on measuring the candidate’s organizational acumen, collaboration skills, leadership skills, people management skills, and management of work.

Career and Personality Type Profiler

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”.If you’re anything like the average working person, you can expect to change careers five to seven times in your life. That’s a lot of change… The best way to be prepared for it is to make a plan! Having a career plan is vital to your career success.

Online Psychometric Test for Emotional Intelligence

An Emotional Intelligence test typically measures a wide range of aspects of emotional intelligence to be able to predict your ability to understand and manage your emotions as well as predict others' emotional responses.

Stream Suggestor Assessment

Students in Classes 9th to 12th are at the perfect stage to begin taking a planned approach towards their career. This is the stage where attitudes and beliefs about career begin to get formed. Thus, creating awareness of careers at this stage gives one enough time to explore their abilities and interests. This early exposure also helps one to avoid limiting their pool of career options, and choose from a wider range of opportunities.

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