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Training and Upskilling - Need of the hour
Added By: Mousumi Banerjee (Founder of Career Alternatives)

Training and Upskilling is something that one needs to imbibe as part of career growth to survive in today’s workplace

Based on my experience in this domain of career development and Training I have often found resistance of employees to Training and upskilling, at work.

Learn and practice the art of Storytelling to do well in your Career !
Added By: Mousumi Banerjee (Founder of Career Alternatives)

Storytelling is one of the most effective means of communication these days.

Marketing and sales professionals are being pushed to explore a new dimension of storytelling which is very powerful and objective, while selling and promoting their brands.

While you use this form of art as a channel for communication , you tend to originate a unique experience that is understood well by your target customers.

College Graduates looking for a Job ? Do your Transferable skills analysis today !!
Added By: Mousumi Banerjee (Founder of Career Alternatives)

College Graduates should work on Marketing their Transferable Skills to catch the eye of the Employer!!

A common challenge for college graduates is that they are not aware of his or her own strengths and abilities that can translate into marketable skills.

One of the most important factors for a successful job search is marketing transferable skills to prospective employers. Fresh graduates looking for jobs should be able to communicate their transferable skills acquired through participating and being a part of various events in colleges which involves teamwork, planning, organising, time management, decision making, coping with pressure, coordination, brand management , fund management , research, creativity, public relations, negotiation, communication , teaching/instructing , IT skills etc.

Need to enhance Employability Skills of New Graduates in India !
Added By: Mousumi Banerjee (Founder of Career Alternatives)

Worldwide talent shortages are most acute in the Asia Pacific region including India. India stands third in the index with close to 61% difficulty in filling jobs. The global average is around 35%. Various surveys in the recent years have revealed that not more than 30% of the young generation getting ready to join the workforce has Employability skills that the Industry is looking for. There’s a huge gap in the curriculum and teaching Methodology followed by majority of the Educational Institutions offering professional courses and what actually is required by the Employers.