In the current changing business scenario and fiercly competitive environment,engineering and managemnet students need to be better prepared and equipped to be employable. They need to start the grooming early and practice regularly on various aspects involved in campus placment to be successful in on-campus and off campus selection process . Campus to Industry connect workshops focuses on creating a complete professional and the training ensures to instill variety of skill sets right from Spoken English, Communication, Soft Skills, Basic Technology. The Personal Development Program enables students to develop their confidence and self-reflection skills, and better understand where they fit into a team and how their behaviour influences others.

Ask yourself the following question :
  • EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS !! Do you have it in you !!!
  • Are you employable ? Do you have the skills Employer’s look for ?
  • Do you have the right skills for the Career of your choice?
  • Have you been told in Interviews that you lack the confidence or the Technical know how?
  • Am I Job Ready ??
  • Do I have the right skills for the Career of my choice?
  • Am I ready for Campus Interveiw ?
  • How do I start my Job Search ??
  • Do I have the right qualification ,characteristics and habit to be successful in the World of work?